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Dont Tread on Us Guild News

By: Quotar - July 18th

Donations to the guild website: not free anymore

Thank You to Zetra for getting the Guild Website back up and operational.  She paid 3 months towards the website on here own!   Donations will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made thru the donations button at the bottom right of the main page. Guildzilla just made this change of the website not being free.  Since there is enough of us, we should be able to accomplish that with little problem, even a dollar or two a month will keep the guild website up and running. Thank You All!!!!    Jim/Jimiscustwo/Quotar GM

By: Quotar - January 31st

Cat Heroic Dungeons/Raiding

Check out forums that our guildies have started.  They have taken painstaking time to research heroic dungeons and post in the forums for the rest of us to read and get an understanding before we go into the heroic dungeons.  Moving forward they will also be researching raids and post also on the website.  We have started to get guild achievements as a group. Need ALL LVL 85's to gear up for Heroic Cat Dungeons. If we can start surviving those as a guild, then we'll be on our way to raids. We have to be able to make it thru the cat heroic dungeons in order to even think of making it thru a raid. That is just the nature of the beast.  !!!!  If signing up for a dungeon/raid, and during the time of the raid, if you can not complete it or finish it, please do not start it !!!!!

June 2nd

Guild Conduct



View the forums, there is a section there about guild conduct.  I CANNOT stress enough of being careful of what you say in guild chat.  What you may think as innocent, may be perceived differently by someone else.  Keep sexual remarks, sexual preferences and racial references out of open guild chat, NOT THE PLACE FOR IT!  Incidents like that can get you demoted and up to including removal from the guild.  I, and others do want to have fun in the guild.  Maturity is a MUST in the guild, if you cannot handle yourself in such a manner, this guild is not for you!  I understand many of you have been in guilds with many younger groups and things are allowed, thought to be appropriate, even encouraged, BUT NOT IN THIS GUILD!  Officers, assistant guild masters and I, are on line quite a bit, and are authorized to put someone on the spot, demoting and up to removal from the guild.  Warnings can be given.  So, if you enjoy the guild, enjoy the maturity of the guild and the friendship DO NOT put yourself in position to offend others with sexual or immature action in guild chat, or while in groups with guild members, or in mixed groups.  Remember, YOU represent the guild.  YOUR  actions with others in the guild and outside of the guild reflect on the GUILD as a whole. 


CURSING - Cursing is strongly frowned upon in guild chat, party chat and also Teamspeak, although we know sometimes it will happen...


Asking for Gold and or Someone to make a Purchase for You -  Asking for gold and asking other members to buy you things (no matter whether it is trade chat, guild chat or any other chat) is frowned upon.  There are other ways to make money, if you don't know how ask.  If you need something like bags or a weapon, ask other members if they can help. Asking for things and doing nothing to help yourself is lazy and impolite. talk to the members, work out a deal. Maybe you can farm something they need, maybe you can exchange something for the weapon or materials you need. Do not expect something for nothing. Ask for help, by all means, but be ready to meet us half way.


So enjoy yourself in guild chat, just keep it a clean and friendly environment for ALL!


Quotar/Jimiscustwo/Hordraultous  (Jim)  Guild Master

  • Nëcrognome: I need to add that while Staff have the authority to make changes, being in this Guild you consent to the fact that the GM has the right to reverse ANY change made by the staff.
May 29th


Welcome to "Dont Tred (Tread) on Us".  We are a new guild and from what it looks like, have a wide variety of different toons at different levels.  I would like to see the guild grow in numbers and in the level of their toons.

All new players invited to the guild WILL BE REQUIRED to log into the guild website at prior to any advancement.  Effective 8/26/10 age limit into the guild WILL BE 15.  Members in the guild prior to 8/26/10 will be grandfathered and will be exempt from the new guild age requirement.

Our goal is to keep the maturity level in the guild, the quality of people (that does mean mean as in character), grow as a guild, get into dungeons, and raiding.  Working together and playing together towards reaching the goal!

We are looking for members to become involved with the running of the guild ie:  recruitment and scheduling events or coming up with ways to make members feel like they are part of something and just not a playing member. 

Guild bank and tabards available.  Feel free to use the guild bank, but do not abuse it. 

GM - Quotar - - Alts (main) Jimiscustwo - Pally, Hordraultous - Warrior

Asst GM -  Zetra (Margaret),  Callyphia (Karen), Migpally (Alts)

Officers -  Skycandyfoot, Necrognome (John and alts), Kiehra (Summer and alts) 

Junior Officer -

Bank Officer -   Dawn and Phil (The Guild Bank is checked daily)

Website Assistant/s - Necrognome (John) 

Informationalist -

Social Event Coordinator - Jayne and Dawn

Recruitment -

Raid Coordinator - Mike, David, David (Bubble)


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